National Instructional Materials Access Center (NIMAC)

The NIMAC is the national repository for NIMAS (National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard) files. Only authorized users (AU) have direct access to the NIMAC to download NIMAS file sets or assign NIMAS file sets for download by an accessible media producer (AMP). Pennsylvania’s authorized user is the PaTTAN AIM Center.

National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard (NIMAS)

NIMAS is a technical standard used by publishers to produce electronic files for conversion into specialized formats, such as braille, enlarged print, HTML versions, digital talking books using human voice recording or synthesized speech, audio files derived from text-to-speech transformations, and more. Because of an exemption to copyright law, publishers are allowed to deliver the electronic content of textbooks and related core materials (NIMAS files) to the NIMAC (National Instructional Materials Access Center).

National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS)

The National Library Service is a federal program that administers a free library program of braille and audio materials for qualified individuals with disabilities in the United States.

Natural Environment

Refers to the everyday routines, activities, and places in the home and community where an infant or toddler grows and learns. It does not include specialized clinics or places children go because they have disabilities or medical needs.

Nemeth Code

A Braille code system designed for use in science and mathematics.

Newcomer Program

A program, most often at the middle and high school level, that addresses the specific needs of recent immigrant students, especially those with limited or interrupted schooling in their home countries. Major goals of newcomer programs are to acquire beginning English language skills along with core academic skills, and to acculturate to the U.S. school system. Some newcomer programs also include primary language development and an orientation to the student’s new community.

Non-Contracted Braille or Un-Contracted Braille

Braille consists of a standard alphabet and punctuation plus hundreds of abbreviations and contractions. When a document strictly uses the alphabet and punctuation, it is said to be in non-contracted or un-contracted form. This term is replacing the old terms Grade 1 or Grade I Braille.