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  • IU17 - Bradford Lycoming Sullivan Tioga Intermediate Unit (BLaST)

    2400 Reach Road
    Williamsport, PA 17701

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    PaTTAN provides Competent Learner Model (CLM) for schools and intermediate units.

PaTTAN recieved an email from BLaST IU 17 detailing the following success story:

A parent called BLaST IU 17 and insisted on speaking with the Early Intervention Supervisor, Cynthia Johnson. Dr. Johnson was somewhat expecting an unsatisfied person on the line, but that was not the case. The parent said her son was in a Competent Learner Model (CLM) class and that it had been a wonderful program for him. She went on to say that she was hesitant in the beginning and a little nervous about sending her son to this “new” program. She wanted Dr. Johnson to know that CLM has been the best experience she has ever had with her son and that she has seen tremendous progress this year. She informed the supervisor that she works in the field of adults with special needs and that she understands the challenges educators face in providing effective programs for students with special needs.Dr. Johnson said that as a parent what the young student’s mother said next touched her when she said, “I know my son is loved by his teachers and that he is safe.” She mentioned all staff by name and had something nice to say about each one.In an email to staff Dr. Johnson said, “Congratulations on how hard you have worked and for making such a wonderful contribution to the children and families we serve. You have made a difference in this child’s life and you should be proud!!”

If you would like information or assistance from BLaST’s Early Intervention staff, please contact Dr. Cynthia Johnson, Early Intervention Supervisor or one of the local service liaisons or coordinator: Crystal Patton, Service Liaison, Bradford, Sullivan, and Tioga Counties (570-673-6001) cpatton@iu17.orgKaren Rush, Service Coordinator – Lycoming County (570-323-8561) .