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  • Cornell School District

    IU3 - Allegheny Intermediate Unit (AIU)
    Cornell SD
    1099 Maple Street
    Coraopolis, PA 15108

  • Success Story Contact

    Robin Freiss
    Phone: 412-264-5010
    Email: rfreiss@cornell.k12.pa.us
    School Website:

  • BSE/PaTTAN’s Role in Success:

Cornell School District is a small suburban school district located outside of Pittsburgh. The district serves students from the communities of Coraopolis and Neville Island, whose combined population totals just over 9,000 residents. Their vision statement bases the student’s education achieved through “a cooperative partnership and commitment with students, teachers, parents, and community in a positive, supportive, and caring school environment that promotes the development of responsible citizenship and the dignity of all individuals.” While the district continues to follow this credo, they found that some of their students needed behavioral needs support but could not receive those services within the district. A team applied for, and was awarded, a $45,000 grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s Bureau of Special Education to fix this disconnect. The grant assists the district in providing professional development and training for staff and parents for the implementation of a three-tiered approach to positive behavior support for students in grades K-12. Additionally, the district is now able to provide a behavioral support counselor to work with students, in the district, who are identified through the three-tiered process. Progress has already been made in the first year.One third grader teacher recounted her experience with a student who was not engaged in class because she just could not calm herself down. The teacher, before the professional development, did not have the tools necessary to teach her student strategies. Now, the teacher has learned and taught the third grader different ways to be more patient. The student knows to write in her notebook or ask to take a walk while waiting for her turn. The student is not only exhibiting a completely different behavior but is also more engaged in her class work.Congratulations to Cornell School District on their increasing positive based supports’ success story!