Trojan Heroes

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  • West Side Elementary School

    IU8 - Appalachia Intermediate Unit
    Greater Johnstown SD
    196 Westgate Drive
    Johnstown, PA 15905

  • Success Story Contact

    Robert Beatty
    Phone: 814-533-5540
    School Website:

  • BSE/PaTTAN’s Role in Success:

When the staff wanted to improve behavior at West Side Elementary School, they understood that in order for it to be successful, their students needed to be invested. They also knew that they wanted to create a program that rewarded positive behavior rather than punishing bad behaviors. A grant for School Based Behavioral Health and support from PaTTAN were used to start the Trojan Heroes program.In the Trojan Heroes program, which was first implemented in the cafeteria, acceptable behavior is clearly defined and reinforced. Staff circulate throughout the cafeteria with tickets, which, once earned, enter the students in daily and weekly drawings to receive prizes. One especially popular prize is the Trojan Heroes T-shirt that staff began wearing the day the program started. By starting the program in the elementary school, students are taught from day one what is acceptable behavior, from sitting up straight to stepping in and preventing other students from being disruptive. Now in its second year, the Trojan Heroes program is indeed a success mainly because the students are the ones who are stepping up and participating enthusiastically.

The staff knew they had a winning program when they witnessed this encounter:A first grader was verbally rude to a teacher one day in the cafeteria. Since the program is based on positive behaviors, every other student at that table received a ticket. The student who spoke rudely did not receive a ticket. Later that day, the students who received tickets proudly told other classmates and teachers why they had earned them. The next day the disruptive student’s behavior was marginally better and he received a ticket. Fast forward to present – he is now a model student. Congratulations to West Side Elementary School’s Trojan Heroes Success Story!Robert J. Beatty, Principal, Raymond A. Arcurio, Assistant Principal,