Families and Communities Transitioning Together With School (FACTTS) at North Penn

Woman in wheelchair using lift to disembark from a bus
  • North Penn HS

    IU23 - Montgomery County Intermediate Unit
    North Penn SD
    1340 Valley Forge Road
    Lansdale, PA 19446

  • Success Story Contact

    Megan Jermain
    Phone: 215-853-1259
    Email: jermaime@npenn.org
    School Website:

  • BSE/PaTTAN’s Role in Success:

    PaTTAN provided professional development, guidance with portfolio models, the Autism Conference, and the opportunity to see model programs now being used in other schools.

North Penn School District’s transition-age students needed to be able to see what types of jobs they could do after leaving high school and needed assistance with vocational and soft skills training.

The North Penn F.A.C.T.T.S. (Families and Communities Transitioning Together with School) program has students involved in a variety of services including career and work exploration opportunities, both in-district and at the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit, work study with job coaching at businesses in the community, job placement and in-district vocational training. This highly individualized program, focusing on the needs of the students, offered one student the opportunity to expand on her culinary interests with a position in a restaurant, which will continue after graduation. Secondary Transition professional development training was provided by PaTTAN with programs held throughout the year.Part of the program has been expanding on communication between the district and families. The district has provided support to families through many informational nights. Topics discussed at such evenings include travel training for students, an overview of the Mental Retardation System in Pennsylvania, and the Montgomery County Resource Fair. In-services and trainings for staff on transition and different programs have also been provided.A large part of the North Penn F.A.C.T.T.S. program has been to implement travel training education. Students have participated in class lessons on pedestrian safety, reading bus and train schedules, and planning for a trip. Students will soon take part in a community based instructional outing by taking a public bus to the local mall. Two students participating in the grant have also been given the opportunity for driver’s education. A hands-on vocational assessment called the PAES lab (Practical Assessment Exploration System) is an alternate option for assessment of students with limited cognition and reading skills. Curriculum for instruction of direct social and soft skills for students has also been implemented through the program.

Students as well as their families have benefited from the public transportation system training, work experience, vocational testing, and social skill instruction. Communication and information have been made more accessible for families and educational staff. Families’ involvement has been key to the success for each student!Congratulations to North Penn on their program to assist students and their families with transition!

Getting the families involved from the beginning was very helpful in providing the appropriate training, guidance, and vocational opportunities for students.