Collaboration Supports Male Student's Achievement in Cosmetology Program

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  • Lenape Area Vocational Technical School

    IU28 - Arin Intermediate Unit
    Armstrong SD
    2215 Chaplin Avenue
    Ford City, PA 16226

  • Success Story Contact

    Carla Thimons
    Phone: 724-763-7116
    Email: N/A

  • BSE/PaTTAN’s Role in Success:

    PaTTAN consultants work with vocational-technical schools throughout the state to support students' secondary transition and career development.

Lenape Area Vocational Technical School has developed a program to ensure success for students with learning difficulties.

In Ford City, Armstrong County, Lenape Area Vocational Technical School is a comprehensive vocational-technical school offering training in various technical areas. Eleventh and 12th grade students attend Lenape Tech full-time for two years, receiving training in both their chosen technical field and in their complementary academic disciplines. One aspect of Lenape Area’s training is their cosmetology program, which combines talent, art, science, and business. Students learn how to create styles, cut and color hair, apply makeup and skincare treatments, perform manicures and pedicures, manage the Cosmetology clinic, schedule appointments, order supplies, rotate stock, and compute payroll. Students also perform more than 2,500 hours of community service for local organizations.Blake’s story on the surface appears as an ordinary story of a student wanting to learn cosmetology skills, but is in no way typical. Blake was not only the only male in a female dominated program, a nontraditional program for males, he was also a student with learning difficulties he was struggling to overcome. Blake’s teachers identified that he had the skills to be successful in the cosmetology program, but they needed to collaborate to provide additional support to ensure his success. Together, teachers, instructors, Blake, and his parents created an action plan to play to his strengths. For example, Blake needed some extra assistance in keeping organized. Since he also needed to overcome learning difficulties, instructors worked with him on strategies to help him with his state board exam, which he needs to pass to receive a license. These instructional practices have paid off.

Blake participated in Skills USA “Total Look” Competition and earned a third-place award, in both his junior and senior years. He was the first volunteer to participate in after-school clinics and community projects. He actively recruits a variety of students throughout the school to visit the clinic and receive salon services as his patron. Once a month, he provides cosmetology services to a group of adults with disabilities, which is a testimony to his dedication, passion, and sensitivity towards all clients.Blake has a bright future. He has had several job interviews with potential employers and his instructors have received wonderful feedback about him. After Blake completes the state board exam, his instructors believe that Blake will be well on his way to a successful cosmetology career.Congratulations to Lenape Tech for Blake’s Success Story!