Accessible Instructional Materials (AIM)

National AIM Center Announces LEA Website and New Language for the Purchase of Instructional Materials

by Frank Irzyk

The National AIM Center announced a new website specifically for LEAs to assist in developing policies for the acquisition and use of accessible instructional materials in their school districts. The new LEA contain specific actions districts, school districts can take to ensure that students who need accessible instructional materials can get them in a timely manner.
Of particular importance is the new language to be used in purchase orders for the acquisition of instructional materials. This language now includes the inclusion of accessible mathematical materials using the recently adopted MathML standards for Daisy materials. These standards now make mathematical materials accessible to the use of the Math Markup Language (MathML). The updated language should be used in all new purchase orders issued for instructional materials.

The website is: National Center on AIM Local Education Agency Site)

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