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  • October 4th, 2011
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Classroom Management Webinar Series

Classroom management is a critical skill area for today’s educators. This following recorded webinar series addresses a variety of evidence-based classroom management practices that are likely to be successful when consistently and effectively implemented in the educational environment.
A description of each webinar, by topic, is listed below. Click on the title of the session to watch the recorded webinar. Or, to access the webinar series in its entirety, click on the following hyperlink: Classroom Management Webinar Series.

Please note: PaTTAN is no longer offering act 48 continuing education clock hours or paraprofessional instruction hours for these webinars. Viewers are encouraged to discuss potential credit options with their employers.

Structure and Predictability:
The purpose of this session is to examine proactive approaches to manage the classroom environment before inappropriate behaviors
occur. The presentation will focus on the key elements of minimizing distractions via maximizing classroom structure. Participants will acquire strategies that will minimize crowding and distractions in the classroom setting to promote increased student engagement and explore various arrangements of the physical classroom environment.

Post, Teach, Review, Monitor, and Reinforce Expectations
The purpose of this session is to identify, define, and teach a small number of positively stated expectations, or rules, that are broad enough to include all desired behavior and are mutually exclusive. The session will focus on teaching behavioral expectations in the same manner that academics are taught.

Actively Engage Students in Observable Ways
The purpose of this session is to provide the evidence base that supports actively engaging students in instruction to increase student achievement, as well as decrease disruptive behavior. This session will provide many practical teaching strategies that can be implemented in classes to enhance student engagement. The strategies presented are appropriate for all grade levels and all students.

Establishing a Continuum of Strategies to Acknowledge Appropriate Behavior: Contingent Praise
The purpose of this session is to introduce the use of specific praise and group reward systems as methods of establishing positive teacher/student relationships, creating a positive classroom environment and rewarding students for engaging in appropriate behavior. Part 1 of this two-part topic will focus on the use of Contingent Praise and Group Contingencies as effective strategies for acknowledging students’ appropriate behavior.

Establishing a Continuum of Strategies to Acknowledge Appropriate Behavior: Token Economy Systems
The purpose of this session is to continue to examine the benefits and use of a continuum of evidence-based strategies to acknowledge appropriate behavior in the school environment. Part 2 of this Two-Part Topic will focus on the use of Token Economy Systems and the use of Behavior Contracting.

Establishing a Continuum of Strategies to Respond to Inappropriate Behaviors
The purpose of this session is to examine the strategies to use when students fail to meet behavioral expectations. The session will focus on the effective use of behavior reduction strategies, including corrective feedback, ignoring inappropriate behavior, delivering reprimands, and time-out from reinforcement.

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