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Pennsylvania's Approach to the National Agenda (PANA)

  • May 25th, 2011
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The National Agenda for the Education of Children and Youths with Visual Impairments, Including Those with Multiple Disabilities is a grass-roots reform movement aimed at improving the education of students with visual impairments, deafblindness, and visual and multiple disabilities. The efforts of the movement are organized around ten priorities that are stated as goals.

Pennsylvania’s Approach to the National Agenda (PANA) is a customization of the National Agenda to meet the educational needs and priorities of these children and youths in the commonwealth. PANA contains a set of goals and actions designed to ensure positive educational outcomes.

The PANA Goals (1-10) are located here: PANA Goals

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  • Doug Williams
    Assistive Technology, Deaf-Blind, Blind/Visual Impairment (VI), IDEA and Chapter 14, Project MAX
  • Jennifer Edgar
    Deaf-Blind, Blind/Visual Impairment (VI), PDE Annual Conference
  • Lynn Fox
    Deaf-Blind, Blind/Visual Impairment (VI), Students with Complex Support Needs, Project MAX
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