Interdisciplinary Transition Team Initiative (ITTI)

  • January 5th, 2016
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The Interdisciplinary Transition Team Initiative (ITTI) provides focused support for school teams working with students with deaf-blindness around the secondary transition process. Teams participate in monthly webinars and apply concepts learned to the individual student’s plan. New teams are selected each year to participate.

The video below will provide you with a peak into ITTI by sharing interviews with family and educators involved in the ITTI process. The two materials located below the video were developed for ITTI and are utilized during the process. For more information, contact your regional PaTTAN office.

Misc. Materials Download

This video discusses specific information regarding the graduation requirements and the various pathways to graduation in the state of Pennsylvania with an emphasis on IEP team considerations for students with Deaf-Blindness.

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  • Molly Black
    Parents, Deaf-Blind
  • Jane Freeman
    Deaf/Hard of Hearing, Leadership, Secondary Transition, Educational Interpreters, Deaf-Blind
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    Deaf/Hard of Hearing, Reading, Deaf-Blind
  • Lynn Fox
    Deaf-Blind, Blind/Visual Impairment (VI), Students with Complex Support Needs, Project MAX
  • Patti McGowan
    Parents, Deaf-Blind
  • Michelle Andros
    Deaf/Hard of Hearing, Secondary Transition, Deaf-Blind
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