Open Hands Open Access (OHOA) Intervener Learning Modules

  • October 26th, 2016
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The Open Hands Open Access (OHOA) Intervener Learning Modules…are a national resource designed to increase awareness, knowledge, and skills related to intervention for students who are deaf-blind and are being served in educational settings (ages 3 through 21). The development of the modules is in response to Recommendation 3 of the Recommendations to Improve Intervener Services (NCDB, 2012). Recommendation 3 is one of a set of recommendations intended to establish a strong national foundation for intervener training and workplace supports.

The module content was created by a diverse group of experts in the field of deaf-blindness including state and national deaf-blind project staff, parents of children who are deaf-blind, higher education faculty, teachers, educational interpreters, and interveners. Each includes a variety of accessible videos, photographs, slide presentations, and learning activities. The modules have been guided by an advisory committee, and reviewed by a variety of experts in deaf-blindness and the process of intervention, experts in module design, and field-test participants.

***As with any educational resource, the modules themselves do not constitute a formal training program, nor does completion of the modules independently and in isolation from a training program result in one becoming an intervener.

For more information:

Meet OHOA – This 4-page brochure offers a complete list of the modules and information about the modules and module users.

Reviewing the OHOA Module Themes

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  • Molly Black
    Parents, Deaf-Blind
  • Jane Freeman
    Deaf/Hard of Hearing, Leadership, Secondary Transition, Educational Interpreters, Deaf-Blind
  • Sue Ann Houser
    Deaf/Hard of Hearing, Reading, Deaf-Blind
  • Lynn Fox
    Deaf-Blind, Blind/Visual Impairment (VI), Students with Complex Support Needs, Project MAX
  • Patti McGowan
    Parents, Deaf-Blind
  • Michelle Andros
    Deaf/Hard of Hearing, Secondary Transition, Deaf-Blind
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