Early Intervention

New Online Course is Ready!

by Kim Herb

“Assistive Technology for Access and Participation in Early Childhood Settings”

This new course is designed to address Assistive Technology for young children from low tech to high tech, such as communication devices. It highlights the Division of Early Childhood (DEC) Recommended Practices to consider as you use Assistive Technology and answers the question – What does “consider AT” mean for IFSP/IEP teams?

Along with the DEC Recommended Practices, there are guiding principles highlighted to help parents, therapists, Service Coordinators and all team members navigate the process of exploring Assistive Technology to support a child. It walks through how teams determine the need for AT and then how to integrate it into the child’s everyday routines and activities.

The course then moves deeper into how to use Assistive Technology to assist in a child’s communication needs and engage the child in emerging literacy activities and encourage literacy development. Finally, the last part of the course explores practical strategies for practitioners, including how to adapt toys off the shelf.

The course is open monthly for registration. You should register online by the 25th of the month and then you have the next month to complete the course.

We hope you find this course helpful and would love some feedback! Just drop us a comment to let us know how it’s going.

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