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  • April 3rd, 2011
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For children from birth to three years that have a delay or disability, Pennsylvania provides a collection of Early Intervention supports and services. The importance of Early Intervention is well established. Quality Early Intervention services can ameliorate the delays and challenges that some young learners experience, and help the family enhance the child’s growth and development. It is a process that promotes collaboration among parents, Early Intervention providers, childcare providers, and others in the community who are involved with the child.

Through a unique collaboration between the Departments of Education (PDE) and Human Services (DHS), the Office of Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL) administers the Commonwealth’s Early Intervention Program for eligible infants and toddlers. At a local level, the county Early Intervention programs administer the program for infants from birth to three years of age.

Eligibility for Early Intervention services is determined through the multidisciplinary evaluation (MDE). In addition to considering eligibility for services, the team investigates parent concerns and looks at all areas of the child’s development. Service delivery in Early Intervention builds upon the natural learning occurring in a child’s early years, and uses routines-based strategies to promote a child’s development in natural environments. Services are individualized to each child and family, are based on family-identified outcomes, and may include services by a variety of professionals. Outcomes and services are delineated on the child and family’s program plan, called the Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP)

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