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LEA to LEA Webinar Series: Family Engagement 2012-2013

  • September 28th, 2012
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Engaging parents in the education of their students is vital to students’ success in school. Promoting active engagement in school-related activities, programs, and studies takes commitment and planning from both educators and families.

During these hour-long webinars members of Local Education Agencies (LEAs) throughout Pennsylvania, along with PaTTAN educational consultants, share current practices and strategies for other LEAs to consider as a means to enhance their interactions with parents and family members. LEAs share their rationale as well as the effects of their practices. Such practices align to the National Parent Teacher Association (PTA) Standards for Family-School Partnerships.

Descriptions and hyperlinks to each webinar, by topic, is listed below.

1) Talking to LEAs About Supporting Student Success September 13, 2012
According to the National Standards for Family-School Partnerships, supporting student success requires families and school staff to continuously collaborate and share strategies. This collaboration ensures learning and healthy development is taking place, both at home and at school. Undoubtedly, engaging families in their children’s learning can have a powerful impact on student success. During this webinar, a school leader will share effective strategies for sharing information about student progress as well as supporting learning by engaging families.

2) Talking to LEAs About Welcoming All Families Into the School Community November 12, 2012
All families should be active participants in the school community. Schools that offer a respectful environment, and recognize the value of family and community involvement foster student success. How can school leaders support families and make them feel welcomed, valued, and connected to each other and to the school staff? During this webinar, a school leader will share the experiences of the school team in its efforts and positive outcomes of welcoming families into the school community.

3) Talking to LEAs About Communicating Effectively January 14, 2013 (12:00 pm – 1:00 pm)
Families and school staff must engage in regular, two-way, meaningful communication to foster positive, collaborative partnerships between home and school. Effective communication can lead to increased student academic achievement and build positive social experiences. This webinar will focus on the communication skills at one school, as a school leader presents the efforts and outcomes of developing positive communication systems with families.

4) Talking to LEAs About Meaningful Parent Engagement
March 11, 2013
As school communities journey toward academic achievement for all students, their experiences will vary along the way. This webinar will present the successes and challenges faced by one school as an educational leader details the LEA’s journey towards the ultimate goal of student success through a specific focus on parent and family engagement.

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