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School Level Needs Assessment

  • October 4th, 2012
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School Level Needs Assessment
Supports for Inclusive Practices: An Evidence-Based Needs Assessment Examining School Level Practices

The purpose of the needs assessment tool is to assist a team in the identification of professional development and technical assistance needs in the area of inclusive schooling practices. A trained facilitator from PaTTAN or an Intermediate Unit guides a school team in gathering and reviewing evidence to support ratings given to each item. Recommended participants are: principal, general education teacher(s), special education teacher(s), parent(s), special education coordinator, and curriculum director.

The assessment items describe practices drawn from the general and special education literature that support an inclusive service delivery model. These practices have been divided into two sections:

Part 1: School-Wide Practices and Support Structures
1. Leadership for Inclusive Schools
2. School Climate and Structure
3. Student Placement Practices
4. Collaborative Practices
5. Family and Community Involvement

Part 2: Classroom Practices that Support Students with Diverse Needs
6. Instructional Planning
7. Instructional Practices
8. Use of Supplementary Aids and Services

Each section contains statements of effective practices, accompanied by a rubric describing progressively greater levels of implementation of that practice. The levels of implementation in the rubric are aligned with a three-point rating scale.
Level 1: Exploration ——> Level 2: Initial Implementation ——> Level 3: Full Implementation

After rating each item, the team reviews results, prioritizes areas of need and establishes action plans to address high priorities.

For additional information or to schedule completion of the needs assessment, contact your regional PaTTAN office or local intermediate unit.

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