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  • May 12th, 2011
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Please Note: The PA RtII Training Modules are presently under revision. Please check back for updated versions.

The PA-RtII Training Modules were collaboratively and conjointly developed by representatives from the Bureau of Teaching and Learning, the Bureau of Special Education, PaTTAN, local intermediate units and university partners. Each training module exists along a continuum of comprehensive training tools that are associated with sound implementation of the RtII framework.

Intermediate unit and PaTTAN consultants are available to provide high-quality training and technical assistance related to RtII implementation and sustainability. Districts and individual schools are strongly encouraged to seek outside technical assistance and reference these training modules and embedded resources as they build local capacity through their ongoing implementation and professional learning processes.

RtII Training Modules:

RtII and School Organizational Change: Promoting Sustainability and Shared Leadership The RtII Sustainability Module provides a comprehensive set of materials to assist staff development professionals and school districts implement a Response to Instruction and Intervention (RtII) framework that is both effective and sustainable. The Module is most appropriate for teams that have been implementing RtII over a number of years and are at the point of planning for long-term, sustainable implementation. It is not an introduction to RtII. The presentation is provided in its original version so it can be customized for district/school needs. All referenced materials are available through local intermediate unit RtII consultants. The material also contains an ‘Introduction and Overview’ document that details the Modules contents and describes various uses of the Module and its tools and activities. The referenced RtII Toolkit and Supportive Readings are also included.

RtII District Level Training Module: Talking Points and Resources for Central Office Administrators and School Boards
This Training Module was developed to be used by administrators and schools boards as a resource for guiding RtII planning, monitoring and evaluation toward effective, sustainable implementation. It is not an overview of or introduction to RtII in PA. Materials are provided in their original format to allow for customizing to meet individual district needs.

RtII: Specific Learning Disability Eligibility Module
This, typically three hour module, details the use of the RtII option for the identification of students with specific learning disabilities. A highly annotated PowerPoint and accompanying trainer resources are provided. The four eligibility criteria are detailed with particular attention to RtII processes including interventions, technical adequacy, progress monitoring, rate of improvement, etc. Additional resources, including webinars, can be found on the ‘Using RtII for SLD Determination’ page of the PaTTAN RtII website pages.

RtII and Tier 1: An Overview for K-12
This Training Module provides material to address the need for a highly effective efficient Tier 1 as a precursor to any sustainable RtII process. The alignment within and between Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment is detailed with materials to allow teams to assess their Tier 1 processes and Action Plan for a more effective Tier 1. All material is provided in original form to allow facilitators to modify to fit the needs of their situation.

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