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Family Engagement for Secondary Transition

  • January 25th, 2012
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Family members and caregivers have a great deal of knowledge and insight regarding their sons and daughters. They are usually the only one consistent person in the life of a youth or young adult. Family members and caregivers will also still be there after a student graduates from high school and moves on to fulfilling their post-secondary goals. As one parent put it “we are the transition coordinators for life”. Therefore it is important for family members and caregivers to have a good understanding of and be actively engaged in the secondary transition process.

PA Community on Transition Family Engagement Wiki

The following resource contains information presented by the PA Transition Community of Practice Webinar on Family Engagement. The wiki provides information for educators and agency staff to engage families and caregivers in this process. For family members and caregivers viewing this page, there are a number of resources provided to assist you in this process.

(PA Transition Family Engagement Wiki)

Other Resources to support Youth and Family Members with Post School Outcomes

PA Based Resources
Nationally Based Resources
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