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Supplementary Aids and Services - An Overview for Parents

  • June 27th, 2013
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The Supplementary Aids and Services (SaS) Toolkit is a facilitated process to inform IEP teams as they develop or revise a student’s IEP. The following publication explains the basics of the toolkit process so that parents can determine whether it is appropriate for them to request the toolkit process for their child.

The toolkit process can be useful in assisting IEP teams as they plan for many different situations. For example, IEP teams may use this
process when the team is:

  • Planning for a student to move into a new grade or new school
  • Having challenges in providing supports for a student in a general education setting
  • Addressing barriers to a student participating and learning in general education settings

To access a streaming-media overview presentation describing the Supplementary Aids and Services (SaS) Toolkit, please click on the following hyperlink: Supplementary Aids and Services (SaS) Toolkit Overview

To learn more about the toolkit and explore whether the toolkit process is appropriate for your child, contact either your child’s school, your local intermediate unit’s Inclusive Practices Training and Consultation (TaC) staff, or PaTTAN Educational Consultants who support the Inclusive Practices Initiative.

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