PaTTAN Literacy Symposium to Feature Scarborough’s Reading Rope

by Dr. Pamela Kastner

The PaTTAN Literacy Symposium, being held at PaTTAN Harrisburg from June 13-15, 2018, is the foremost literacy professional learning event for Pennsylvania educators. The symposium will serve as an opportunity for educators across the Commonwealth to come together and be immersed in the science of literacy. Dr. Hollis Scarborough’s Reading Rope (2001) provides the theoretical framework for the symposium and exchanges of ideas and information that support the theoretical underpinnings of this framework will be embedded throughout the conference.

Pre-eminent international, national, state-level presenters and educator implementation teams will share recent research and advances in the science of literacy. Weaving the many strands of literacy into their sessions, presenters will focus on bridging the science to practice gap enabling participants to deepen their literacy knowledge, improve their practice, and return to their literacy work with the knowledge, tools and resources needed to strengthen student literacy outcomes.

Moreover, the literacy symposium will create opportunities for connecting with others of various experience and expertise in the field of literacy, while strengthening professional relationships and networks. Bringing people together, breaking down barriers, facing challenges, allowing time to network, sharing ideas, and preparing educators to take action as they embark upon their literacy work in the field.

Registration will be opening in late February. Please check the PaTTAN training calendar to register and for further details. A brief video about the literacy symposium can accessed at this link,

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