PaTTAN’s Statewide Writing Cohort Series: Implementation of Evidence-Based Macro and Micro-Level Writing Practices

by Jennifer Collins, Ed.D. MTSS Statewide Lead Consultant

Writing continues to serve as a gateway for employment and promotion, especially in salaried positions (National Commission on Writing, 2004, 2005), yet most students are inexperienced with activities and assignments that require extended analysis, interpretation, and/or compositional writing. This is not surprising given that many teachers continue to report that they are not adequately prepared to teach writing. To this end and since 2014, the MTSS and Literacy Initiatives have collaborated with national, state and local experts to help interested school teams adopt and implement evidence-based writing instruction and intervention across the tiers.

Through their participation, teams of practitioners adopt and implement the aforementioned evidence-based writing practices informed by a continuum of reliable and valid data sources. By 2018, more than 30 schools will have received intensive training and technical assistance via PaTTAN and their Intermediate Unit toward improved writing outcomes for all students.
Preliminary qualitative and quantitative outcomes indicate that the majority of schools increase the percentage of students who meet with proficiency as measured by the PSSA’s, formal and informal writing tasks and curriculum-based measures. In addition, the majority of schools reported that the students who have received the most intensive supports and services in writing realized ambitious growth and newfound attitudes toward writing and literacy in general! PaTTAN’s literacy and MTSS initiatives are committed to helping all schools engage in writing research to practice efforts that continue to yield very positive results!
For immediate access to curricular, instructional and assessment guidance in writing, please visit PaTTAN’s Writing Live Binder

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