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PA Fellowship Program for Special Education Leaders

  • January 11th, 2016
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The Pennsylvania Fellowship Program for Special Education Leaders is to build the knowledge and skills of veteran and novice special education administrators to direct effect programming to ensure success for all students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs).

Special education leaders have many different titles within Pennsylvania local educational agencies (LEAs). Some titles include: special education director, special education supervisor, special education coordinator, and director of pupil services. For the purposes of this program, a special education leader is defined as any individual who has primary responsibility for overseeing special education programs, teachers, and services to the LEA.

The goals of the Pennsylvania Fellowship Program for Special Education Leaders are to:

  • Increase the skills and understanding of legal issues surrounding special education
  • Build and support a cadre of special education leaders who can achieve improved results for students with disabilities
  • Strengthen the capacity of special education leaders to serve students with disabilities
  • Develop a culture of learning and teaching in schools to support students with disabilities
  • Promote collegial discussions and networking opportunities

General Information:

  • The Pennsylvania Fellowship Program (PFP) for Special Education Leaders is a professional development program for novice and veteran administrators who want to improve their skills as special education leaders.
  • Individuals accepted into this program will learn practical ways to improve outcomes for students with disabilities in addition to improving their LEA’s ability to be compliant with state and federal regulations.
  • PFP Special Education Leaders will have continuous opportunities to develop a network of collaborative relationships with professionals in similar positions from across the state as various topics related to special education are discussed.
  • The PFP for Special Education Leaders is based on the Council for Exceptional Children and the Council for Administrators of Special Education (CEC-CASE) standards, as well as being aligned with the Pennsylvania Inspired Leadership (PIL) standards.
  • PFP Special Education Leaders will explore the framework of standards to interpret and strategically apply regulations, policies, theory, and services for students with disabilities.

The PFP is a year long program, meeting monthly in a cohort fashion. Applications are now being accepted for the 2018-2019 school year. Information packet and application can be downloaded. For additional information, please direct questions to Tracy Ficca (tficca@pattan.net), 1-800-441-3215, ext. 7203.

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