Speech and Language

Speech and Language Impairments


Speech or Language Impairment refers to a student’s developmental or acquired difficulties in understanding or using speech and language, particularly as they relate to his or her participation and progress in school. Speech or language impairments may affect the student’s ability to progress in the general education curriculum and master academic standards, because many of the standards in the subject areas require the student to use the skills delineated above in order to demonstrate competency. As appropriate, speech and language support services are provided by a Speech and Language Support Specialist in a variety of settings.

Speech and Language
  • Jan13

    Alternate Eligible Content for the Speech Language Pathologist

    Alternate Eligible Content is the new conversation between teachers of students with significant cognitive disabilities. Have you heard of it? If you haven’t, you probably want to tune in to get to know more about it!

  • Apr24

    Nonspeech Oral Motor Treatments

    One controversial topic in the field of speech language pathology is the use of nonspeech oral motor treatments for intervention in speech production (NSOMT). This intervention strategy is used for various other motor disorders including swallowing however, is there research to show that this technique works for speech impairments?

  • Mar11

    On eligibility for S/L services

    Eligibility and dismissal from speech language (S/L) services is a common question from parents, administrators and educators. Today’s blog post is meant to provide technical assistance to the field to further understand eligibility for S/L.


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