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  • May 12th, 2011
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Curriculum drives the educational program that is individualized for students with disabilities. Most students with disabilities, with the help of some learning accommodations, have success in learning the same content as their non-disabled peers. Other students may require some modifications to the curriculum to address their specific needs. The key issue for the educational team is in designing an effective program that assists the student to learn and socialize with non-disabled peers to the greatest extent possible.

Students with speech and language disabilities receive their instruction in the general education curriculum; there is not a separate speech and language curriculum. Students receiving speech and language support need specific skills, as determined by assessment, and these skills allow them to master academic standards.

There are specific skill sequences in each of the speech and language disability areas noted in the General Description above, as well as specially designed instructional sequences to accompany each disability area. Additionally, skill sequences are developed according to each student’s individual needs, as determined by assessment information.

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