Maximizing Academic Access, Expectations, and Learning


  • February 13th, 2017
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Teachers, related services personnel and coaches are integral members of the MAX team. Effective and skillful educators, which includes general and special education teachers and related service providers, work together to design and deliver grade-level standards-aligned instruction to all students in ways that maximize each student’s learning. The instructional process is comprised of:

• Meaningful assessment
• Rigorous curriculum
• Effective instruction
• Accessible instructional resources, materials and tools

MAX coaches support the efforts of the team members through a set of activities including teaching, mentoring, modeling and providing constructive feedback. Effective coaches foster good relationships, demonstrate patience, listen, identify goals, show creativity and ingenuity in problem-solving, and ask thoughtful, open-ended questions.

The resources and materials needed to implement the principles of MAX for educators and coaches are now available.

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  • Susan Gill
    Assistive Technology, Secondary Transition, Project MAX
  • Tracy Ficca
    Leadership, PDE Annual Conference, Project MAX
  • Rick Creech
    Assistive Technology, Secondary Transition, Short Term Loan, Inclusive Practices, Students with Complex Support Needs, Low Incidence
  • Jacqui DiDomenico
    Leadership, Family Engagement, Project MAX
  • Jacki Lyster
    Leadership, Secondary Transition, Project MAX
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