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  • February 13th, 2017
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The Project MAX Administrative Professional Learning (PLC) Communities have supported administrators (LEA and IU Directors/Supervisors of Special Education, Superintendents, Principals, Assistant Principals, Curriculum Directors, etc.) who have participated in the federal grant across all four cohorts. The MAX Administrative PLC assisted administrators to focus on:

• Day 1: Cultivating Change
• Day 2: Data-Driven Processes
• Day 3: Scaling Up

In order to implement systems change, the work of future MAX leaders must be a balance between effective framework implementation (the skill) and the collective will (sustainable leadership) as this is what has been shown to work in research. Because of this, PaTTAN is providing administrators with the resources and materials needed to assist them and lead their schools in cultivating systems change through implementation of the principles of Project MAX. Feel free to utilize these resources to support individual leaders or to form your own Administrative PLC.

Day 1

Handouts for Participants:
Change Cards
Change Checklist Worksheet
Final Team Knowledge Skills Perspectives
Order Change Article
Practice Profile Leadership
When Change Has Legs

Materials for Presenters:
Admin PLC Day 1 Agenda
Admin PLC Day 1 Notes
MAX Admin PLC Day 1

Day 2

Handouts for Participants:
Assessment Activity Guide
Danielson Activity Grid
FAPE Letter 111615
LRE and IEP BEC 013009
Managing Complex Change
PA SEDR Report 14-15
PLC PP Day 2

Materials for Presenters:
Admin PLC Day 2 Agenda
Admin PLC Day 2 Notes
MAX Admin PLC Day 2

Socratic Seminar:
Paideia Seminar Plan
Seminar Participation Reflection
Seminar Process Script

Day 3

Handouts for Participants:
Classroom Characteristics Self-Assessment
I Used to Think Chart
Instructional Observational Tool
Managing Complex Change
MAX TimeLine for Tools
Scaling Up Results Discussion
Tools Annotated Discussion

Materials for Presenters:
Admin PLC Day 3 Agenda
Admin PLC Day 3 Notes
MAX Admin PLC Day 3

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