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FAMILIES TO THE MAX: Pennsylvania Statewide Family Network

  • March 15th, 2018
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FAMILIES TO THE MAX, the Pennsylvania Statewide Family Network, grew out of Project MAX, a federal grant designed to increase opportunities for students with the most complex needs to learn the same schoolwork as their classmates without disabilities. Since then, the Network has grown to include families maximizing the potential of all children receiving special education services. Through family, educational, and community collaboration, we can overcome obstacles and promote change and expectations for all children. When we work together and presume competence (believe in the abilities of all students), everyone can learn and be proud of their accomplishments.

The Mission of FAMILIES TO THE MAX: Leading change for children with diverse needs by maximizing opportunities in the home, classroom, and community.
The Vision of FAMILIES TO THE MAX: Empower students, families, and communities to believe that all children can reach their maximum potential.

Currently, there are five family training courses offered around the following topics:
• Presuming Competence
• Access to the General Education Curriculum
• Maximizing Communication
• Collaborating on School Teams
• Leading Change
Trainings are delivered live in communities across Pennsylvania or may be viewed virtually. To coordinate a training in your area, contact (Eastern and Central PA) or (Western and Central PA). For trainings in Spanish (Eastern PA), contact

Ultimately, working together, families, and professionals will positively influence opportunities, experiences, and outcomes to envision a future where all students are prepared for successful post-school lives.

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