Session 2: Quality Educational Practices: Students with Higher Functioning Levels of Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Academic Instruction/Group Instruction/Direct Instruction: This segment of the five-part webinar series will address research-based instructional practices that increase the participation and success of students with autism during group instruction. Teacher-led academic instruction in inclusive classrooms will be featured.

The handouts for this part of the series are listed below.

8. Explicit Instruction – Defines explicit (or direct) instruction, explains why explicit instruction is especially important for students with special needs, identifies examples of explicit instruction in published curricula, and offers guidelines and suggestions for teachers who want to incorporate principles of explicit instruction into their lessons.

9. What Is Direct Instruction? – Describes the rationale and key elements of the Direct Instruction model, summarizes results of Project Follow Through, and examines four common myths and misconceptions about DI.

10. Good Noise! Using Choral Responding to Increase the Effectiveness of Group Instruction – Describes how teachers can use choral responding to teach a variety of curriculum content.

11. Everyone Participates in This Classroom: Using Response Cards to Increase Participation and Achievement – Explains the rationale for response cards and offers guidelines for using pre-printed and write-on response cards to teach a variety of curriculum content.

12. How to Get Your Own Set of Write-On Response Cards – Explains how to obtain response cards inexpensively.

13. Designing a Lesson that Uses Choral Responding and/or Response Cards – Outlines steps for developing lessons featuring choral responding and/or response cards as primary modes of active student response.

14. Guided Notes: Helping All Students Succeed in the General Education Classroom – Describes rationale for guided notes and outlines steps and suggestions for creating and using them.

15. References and Resources – Session 2: Academic and Group Instruction – This resource provides a list of references to peer-reviewed research and other resources related to this session of the webinar series.

16. References – Session 2: Guided Notes: Helping All Students Succeed

17. Session 2 Powerpoint

Title of Training: Quality Educational Practices: Students with Higher Functioning Levels of Autism Spectrum Disorder
Presenter: William Heward
Training Date: 02/27/2013

Topic: Autism

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