2013-2014 Expanding the Literacy Toolkit - Content Engagement Toolkit: Building Comprehension with Quality Questioning

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This session will focus on effective instructional practices to promote the use of question asking and answering for students who are deaf and hard of hearing. Primary emphasis will be placed on instructional interventions that emphasize the use of quality questions and assessment related to student use of content engagement strategies. A text structure framework will be used to introduce question strategies. Specific interventions discussed during the webinar will include: Content Engagement Question Cards, Question-Answer Relationships (QAR), Q-cards for self-monitoring, and Finding the Evidence Strategies.

Title of Training: Content Engagement Toolkit: Building Comprehension with Quality Questioning
Presenter: Lana Edwards Santoro, Ph.D.
Training Date: 02/20/2014

Topic: Deaf/Hard of Hearing

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