Sound Management: It's About Time

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The purpose of this workshop is to discuss clinical decision-making in designing and implementing the newer models of analysis, target selection, and intervention with children who have speech sound disorders (SSD). These models will be reviewed and then discussed in terms of a case study with emphasis on integrating current research evidence with clinical reasoning to determine the most appropriate approaches to implement with particular subgroups of children with SSD. Specifically, decision trees will be presented for considering which analysis options, target selection approaches, and models of intervention are most appropriate for different characteristics of functional speech disorders in children. Clinicians will be given a data set to consider in implementing sound clinical reasoning in choosing the most appropriate approaches that will lead to increased speech intelligibility with the greatest amount of change in the least amount of time.
Sound Management PPT (2 slides per page)
Sound Management PPT (3 slides per page)
Assessment Decision-Making Flowchart
Intervention Options Decision Tree
Phonological Analysis Summary and Management Plan
Contrasts Data Sheet
Multiple Oppositions Data Sheet
Treatment Paradigm
Place Voice Manner Chart

Title of Training: Sound Management: It's About Time
Presenter: A. Lynn Williams, Ph.D.
Training Date: 02/20/2015

Topic: Speech and Language

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