26. Core Instruction and Common Assessments for Secondary Mathematics

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Core Instruction and Common Assessments for Secondary Mathematics The National Math Panel (2008) and the Institute for Educational Sciences (2009), concluded that all students can learn mathematics and most can succeed through Algebra 2. However, many students fail in secondary mathematics due to missing precursor knowledge, motivation and the general abstractness of secondary math. In this session, Dr. Witzel will provide information on research-supported secondary mathematics core instruction as well as recently supported interventions and differentiation methods that build critical foundational math skills. Participants will learn not only supported instruction and intervention strategies but they will also learn about common assessments and structures to evaluate who requires math interventions and exactly in what mathematics skill.

Title of Training: Enhancing Core and Supplemental Instruction: Content Acquisition, Application and Learning
Presenter: Bradley Witzel, Ph.D.
Training Date: 06/30/2015

Topic: Mathematics, Response to Instruction & Intervention

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