Bookshare: Overview and Downloading

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This two-part webinar provides participants with an introduction to Bookshare. During the first session, participants will learn about the essential features of Bookshare including: the Bookshare library, types of Bookshare memberships, signing up for Bookshare, qualification requirements, and Bookshare as a source of Accessible Educational Materials (AEM). During the second session, participants will learn how to utilize materials housed in Bookshare including: Bookshare’s specialized formats, downloading and saving Bookshare books, and options for reading Bookshare books.

Webinar #1 January 11, 2016
Handout 1 – Sign up for a Bookshare Organizational Membership and Add Sponsors to the Account
Handout 2 – Instructions for External Demo Account for Organizational Memberships
Handout 3 – AEM Resources
Handout 4 – Powerpoint for Webinar 1- Bookshare: Overview and Downloading

Webinar #2 January 21, 2016
Handout 5 – Powerpoint for Webinar 2
Handout 6 – Download, Save, Extract
Handout 7 – Extract, Unzipping Books
Handout 8 – Folder Structure
Handout 9 – Read Out Loud
Handout 10 – Listen to Bookshare

Title of Training: Bookshare: Providing Accessible Materials to Students with Print Disabilities - Bookshare: Overview and Downloading
Presenter: Doug Williams & Karen Narval
Training Date: 01/11/2016

Topic: Accessible Instructional Materials (AIM), Visual Impairment/Blindness

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