Interdisciplinary Assessment and Instruction in Reading

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This session will focus on the cognitive and language components necessary for successful reading and writing.

It will also provide a comprehensive evaluative framework to assist school based teams to evaluate struggling readers. The session will provide steps to identify and select evaluative tools and how to use the data collected to craft instructional recommendations.

Based on the ‘science’ of reading (reading research) this session will demonstrate how the team will review data gathered, review and analyze evidence based instructional programs and then match the child´s skill needs with the specific instructional components to craft a targeted and focused reading approach that meets the child´s specific strengths and needs.

June 15, 2017
a. Cognitive Behaviors
b. Process Assessment
c. Interdisciplinary Assessment

June 16, 2017
a. Action Plan
b. Case Studies
c. ELL Slides
d. Role of SLP
e. TILLS Slides

Title of Training: Interdisciplinary Assessment and Instruction in Reading
Presenter: various
Training Date: 06/15/2017

Topic: Reading

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