Administrators’ Tool Kit on Preventing Early Childhood Suspension and Expulsion

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This half day session will provide administrators of early learning programs a hands on experience in identifying characteristics of their program that potentially increase the risk for early childhood suspension or expulsion and planning systemic changes to minimize this risk. Participants will start with a program self-assessment. The self-assessment results will guide exploration and use of the online toolkit, “Preventing Suspensions and Expulsions in Early childhood Settings” and planning strategies that will address the needs of individual programs. This is NOT an in-depth behavior training intended for practitioners, it is an orientation for administrators to a free on line tool kit.

1) Powerpoint Presentation: this document has the slides to be followed by attendees during the training.
2) Vignettes: these vignettes will be used for a learning activity during the workshop.
3) Self assessment: print this only if you will not have access to an electronic device during the training.
4) Preventing Expulsion Implementation plan: this is a word document to be used with your program.

Title of Training: Administrators’ Tool Kit on Preventing Early Childhood Suspension and Expulsion
Presenter: Dr. Abby Schachner
Training Date: 07/25/2017

Topic: Behavior, Early Intervention - Infant/Toddler, Early Intervention - Preschool

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