2018 Literacy Symposium

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The PaTTAN Literacy Symposium is the foremost literacy professional learning event in the science of literacy. Hollis Scarborough’s Reading Rope (2001) provides the theoretical framework for the symposium. Pre-eminent international, national, state-level presenters and educator implementation teams will share recent research and advances in the science of literacy. Weaving the many strands of literacy into their sessions, presenters will focus on bridging the science to practice gap enabling participants to deepen their literacy knowledge, improve their practice, and return to their literacy work with the knowledge, tools and resources to strengthen student literacy outcomes.

2018 Literacy Symposium Handouts (others will be made available as they are received) __

Where Is My Story?: Reflecting All Students in Children’s Literature
Aligning Language Development to the Scarborough Rope: Challenges for English Learners
Multisensory Structured Language: An Introduction with Supporting Tools
06.Literacy Symposium_ppt_Reber_Edwards
The Challenges of Comprehension: A Blueprint for a Comprehensive Instructional Approach
Understanding the How and Why of Sound Walls
Preventing Struggling Readers in Kindergarten and Grade One
11.Preventing Strugglers PaTTAN 2018 v7 5.2.p_Hunter
Letter Names, Sounds, or Both?: What the Research Says about Alphabet Learning
What’s in a Scribble?: Writing Assessment and Instruction for Young Children
How Listening Comprehension Informs Instruction
Structured Literacy Instruction: Accurate and Automatic Decoding
The Earliest Strands of the Reading Rope: Preschool Assessment for Prevention
Setting Goals and Evaluating Student Growth with Pathways of Progress
Setting the Stage for Accurate and Fluent Reading: Decoding Foundation Skills K-2
18.Setting the Stage_Reading_Foundations_K_3
Getting the Gist and Recalling More: Comprehension of Informational Text
19.Getting the Gist_Informative_Comprehension
Establishing a Strong Writing Foundation: The Sentence and the Paragraph
20.Establishing a Strong Writing Fundation_Archer
Fostering Academic Language, Discourse Skills and Writers with Word Generation in the Middle Grades
Syntax for Writing & Reading: Developing Sentence Skills in Students of All Ages
22. Syntax_Van_Cleave(2)
How Knowledge of the Reading Brain Informs the Teaching of Reading, Prediction of Subtypes of Dyslexia, and the Impact of Different Mediums in a Digital Culture
23. Wolf_ElementaryReader
The Multifaceted Nature of Reading Acquisition: Unraveling the Reading Rope
24. Reading_Rope_Keynote
Beyond Blending and Segmenting: Advanced Phonemic Awareness for Improved Literacy Outcomes
25. Beyond_Blending_Kastner
Text Types: Selecting the Right Tool for the Job
26. PaTTAN packet
27. PaTTAN Presentation Murray and Munger 5-22-18
Fostering Academic Language, Discourse Skills and Writers with Word Generation in the Middle Grades
28. Word_Generation__Kastner
Technology Tools for Access to Text: Some Strategic Strands in the Rope
29. Tech4Rdg_LitSym2018_ho2

Title of Training: 2018 Literacy Symposium
Presenter: Various Presenters
Training Date: 06/13/2018

Topic: Reading

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