Co-Teaching PLC

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The Co-Teaching Professional Learning Community (PLC) for Administrators is intended for administrators who have varying levels of expertise in implementing, managing, and enhancing co-teaching in their schools or districts. The Co-Teaching series consists of three Power Point trainings and three webinars. Co-Teaching PLC – Day 2 will examine current co-teaching practices and effective practices, including planning time and program evaluations. Participants will continue to use a Co-Teaching Considerations Framework. This second training contains the following documents and handouts:

Day Two Agenda
Day Two Power Point
F2-A: Make Time Collaborate Article
F2-B: Meeting Agenda One
F2-C: Meeting Agenda Two
F2-D: Lesson Plan Template
F2-E: What to Ask, Listen, and Look For
F2-F: Danielson Grid Starter Sheet
M-D Strategies for Making Time Questions
M-E Lack of Co-Planning Descriptions

Title of Training: Co-Teaching PLC - Day Two
Presenter: PaTTAN
Training Date: 06/20/2018

Topic: Inclusive Practices

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