PaTTAN offers ongoing training opportunities in the form of workshops, guided practice, seminars, statewide conferences, distance learning, video conferences, and online courses. Many of the training opportunities have accompanying support materials to further explain the concepts addressed in training and to provide “take home” materials for learners. They are available for download free of cost. You can filter our Instructional Materials by topic to find the resources most relevant to you.

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2009-10 English Language Learners (ELLs)

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The English Language Learners (ELLs) professional development materials include the Basic Education Circular (BEC), reference charts and PowerPoints presentations for successful professional development and student activities.

Topic: English Learners

2013 RtII Session Descriptions

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This document contains the session descriptions and presenter names at the 2013 RtII Implementers’ Forum.

Topic: Response to Instruction & Intervention

Article regarding serving ELLs with Disabilities.

Topic: English Learners

ACCESS For ELLs Test Security Procedure

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This document and its accompanying ACCESS for ELLs Test Security FAQ will explain to participants at various levels – school, district, and state – how to identify breaches in test security and what actions should be taken in response to those breaches.

Topic: English Learners

Accessible Instructional Materials FAQ

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This is an updated FAQ for Accessible Instructional Materials (AIM).

Topic: Accessible Instructional Materials (AIM)

Adaptations To Increase Student Success

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This item is designed to be downloaded by professional development personnel for use in training of paraprofessional staff. Materials may be used as is or customized. One PowerPoint document is available related to this session. The PowerPoint contains trainer notes.
This session will introduce both instructional and physical adaptations to increase student success in the classroom.

Topic: Paraprofessionals

Adapted Physical Education FAQ

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This document lists frequently asked questions about adapted physical education.

Topic: Adapted Physical Education

Alternate Eligible Content: Spring Series 2015

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Vocabulary Activity

Topic: Students With Significant Cognitive Disabilities

Since 2007, PaTTAN, along with national researcher Lana Edwards Santoro, has been conducting research, learning from pilot projects, and offering trainings on literacy development of students who are deaf or hard of hearing. As a result of these efforts, the following assessment protocol for students who are deaf or hard of hearing in grades K-3 was established.

Topic: Deaf/Hard of Hearing, Reading

Assistive technology (AT) is sometimes seen as only meaning a device, such as a communication system, that is expensive and difficult to obtain and use, or something that a child may not be needed by a child who is under three years of age. But “high tech”, complex AT devices represent only a small portion of the assistive technology that may be used to help infants and toddlers to participate in activities and routines in their homes and in community settings.

Topic: Assistive technology, Early Intervention - Infant/Toddler, Early Intervention - Preschool