Pennsylvania Part B FFY 2016 State Performance Plan Annual Performance Report

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The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA 2004) imposed new requirements on states for monitoring and enforcement. These requirements are detailed in the IDEA Federal Regulations at 34 CFR Part 300.600. Under these regulations each state is required to submit a State Performance Plan/Annual Performance Report (SPP/APR) to the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP). The SPP, first submitted in 2005, and now expanded to 2018, is a multi-year plan to guide improvement in special education programs. It is built around federally mandated indicators of performance and compliance and includes baseline data and measurable and rigorous targets for each indicator. States must report data annually to OSEP on the state’s performance in meeting the established targets. IDEA 2004 also requires states to report annually to the public on the performance of each LEA in the state on the targets in the SPP. Data reported in the SPP/APR are used by OSEP to determine the extent to which a state is complying with IDEA.

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