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  • April 9th, 2011
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The requester/loanee will receive an e‐mail message one week before the end of the six‐week loan period with instructions for returning a kit.

At any time during the loan period, the requester/loanee may return a kit by clicking on the Return Kit button below and entering the requested information on PaTTAN’s UPS Returns Web site.

  • Pack up the kit, seal it if appropriate and follow the shipping instructions included on the UPS label that can be printed out at PaTTAN’s UPS Returns Web site.
  • Click on the Return Kit button, and type pattan as the username and pattan as the password.
  • Enter the address of the location where you want UPS to pick up the STL kit.
    • If UPS stops regularly at your school/agency location, place the labeled kit with your outgoing packages.
    • If UPS does not stop regularly at your school/agency location, enter the school/agency’s address on the Web page, print out and affix the shipping label to the outside of the kit, and take the kit to a UPS store for shipment to PaTTAN.
  • Record the UPS tracking number or make a copy of the UPS shipping label before you return the kit to STL so that we can track the return of a kit and prevent loss of devices during shipping. Failure to record the UPS tracking number could result in the loss of borrowing privileges. “

to return a kit click here
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